As the principal of Jarvinen Dispute Resolution Services, Matt Jarvinen
brings a wealth of experience as a neutral in the fields of Alternative Dispute
Resolution and Labor-Management relations.

Matt Jarvinen

As a Mediator, Matt brings his unique blend of passion and insight to identify the underlying causes of conflict and to help the participants craft solutions that help them not just to resolve their disputes, but also to move forward. Above all, Matt honors the principle of self-determination, while making it possible for the parties to benefit from the humanizing power of dialogue.

As a Trainer and Facilitator in the arena of Labor-Management interaction, Matt animates the legal framework in which labor and management representatives operate and helps guide their approaches to this always dynamic relationship. Matt’s programs seek to enhance awareness of the law, improve dialogue, and promote dispute resolution through highly interactive presentations designed first to educate and then to build enduring relationships that promote organizational excellence.

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